Richard Redding Antiques Ltd

25th Anniversary

Containing 311 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.


To celebrate the gallery’s 25th anniversary we decided to keep the cover as simple as possible allowing the reader to discover the delights inside this suede covered and novel square-shaped hardback book. This was our largest edition and yet even the 311 pages did not provide enough space to include all the objects that had passed through the gallery during the past two years. Among them were a number of important clocks such as a Louis XVI mantle clock by Renacle-Nicolas Sotiau that was once owned by the German prince Frédéric Othon de Salm-Kyrbourg at his Parisian Hôtel de Salm.


Its beauty was matched by a superb musical rhinoceros clock with a movement by Noël Baltazar, a musical movement by François Viger and case by the eminent bronzier Jean-Joseph de Saint-Germain. Other highlights included a Rococo bracket clock by Ferdinand Berthoud, a superb centerpiece by Pierre-Philippe Thomire, a commode by Jean-Chrysotome Stumpff as well as a commode by Jacob-Desmalter formerly owned by King Louis-Philippe. Added to this one can cite a suite of eight fauteuils by Jean-Baptiste-Bernard Demay, a gilt bronze mounted Meissen écuelle and a Regency silver candelabrum by Paul Storr bearing the arms of George Capel-Coningsby, 25th Earl of Essex.