Richard Redding Masterpieces of the Past

Limited Edition

 Containing 296 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.


As one turns the pages of this limited edition, it soon becomes evident that the majority of works here, primarily dating from the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, were made by some of the finest artists of the day. Among them were leaders in their field such as the clockmakers Eardley Norton as well as Ferdinand and Louis Berthoud, the bronziers Pierre-Philippe Thomire or Claude Galle and the silversmiths Paul Storr and Jean-Baptiste-Claude Odiot. The book also contained some fine furniture by history’s greatest makers including Georges Jacob, Jacob-Desmalter and Guillaume Benneman. Added to this was a selection of bronzes including an equestrian statue of Napoleon by Angiolo Vannetti, a number of English and Continental paintings as well as a marble sculpture entitled Laura al Bagno by Santo Varni, dated 1858. Laura’s beautiful Neo-classical reclining form was a perfect choice to wrap around the front and back covers of our book.