Richard Redding Masterpieces of the Past

Limited Edition

Containing 84 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.

A pair of Minton figures representing Spring and Autumn, which were also signed by the famous nineteenth century sculptor Albert Carrier-Belleuse and stamped A. B. Daniell & Son, Mintons London 1878, featured on the front cover of our 1996 limited edition book. As a departure from our two previous editions, this volume merely included concise cataloguing descriptions allowing the beauty of the illustrated works to speak for themselves. Included in the book were a range of fine quality clocks from a Louis XVI figural mantle clock representing The Three Fates by the royal clockmaker Robert Robin to early Swiss carriage clocks by Robert Courvoisier and later French examples. There were also a number of fine precision clocks such as table regulators by Antide Janvier, Jean-Antoine Lepine and Jean-Joseph Lepaute as well as longcase regulators by Abraham-Louis Perrelet, Jean-Aimé Jacob, Richard Webster and Thwaites and Reed.

Among other fine pieces was a gilt bronze centerpiece by the esteemed bronzier Pierre-Philippe Thomire, a Russian silver and rock crystal bowl by Carl Fabergé, silver by such eminent figures as Paul Storr, Hunt and Roskell, Garrard, Christofle and Tiffany in addition to a pair of silver mounted Baccarat glass vases, a large marble by Carrier-Belleuse and a selection of European paintings.