Richard Redding Antiques Ltd

Limited Edition

Containing 226 pages of full colour illustrations and catalogue descriptions.


The first of our limited edition books contained a selection of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century works of art, most of which were made in Europe, Russia and America and by some of its greatest artists and craftsmen of their day. Included in this volume were a number of Continental paintings from Orientalist and genre scenes to still-lifes. This book contained many examples of fine silver such as works by Hunt and Roskell and Tiffany as well as a selection of silver mounted claret jugs and Art Nouveau ornaments. There were also a number of very fine pieces of eighteenth and nineteenth century furniture, bronze sculptures, a Meissen Buddha and even a set of Persian daggers and Russian pistols. However the larger proportion of works featured here came from our clock collection. Among them was one used on the front cover, which was an important Empire astronomical clock by Lepaute à Paris. It was housed in a magnificent case by the bronzier Denière whose design was based on the Lantern of Demosthenes – a distinguished landmark that was first known through engravings published in 1762. Other important clocks to mention included a carriage clock by Abraham-Louis Breguet which he sold to Marie-Christine de Bourbon-Sicile, Queen of Spain as well as a later carriage clock by Jump; this was matched by a Joseph Windmills longcase clock, a Thomas Thompion bracket clock, two Robert Robin mantle regulators as well as a selection of the finest lyre, skeleton and musical clocks.